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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-06-11

        As we all know, the choice of injection mold materials determines its quality, and injection molding is an indispensable link in plastic molding processing, and its proportion in the total mold output is increasing year by year. It accounts for about 33% of the whole forming mold, so it plays a more and more important role in the national economy.
        The main factors that affect the service life of plastic parts mold are: mold structure, mold material, mold processing quality, mold working status, product parts status, etc. In this process, the performance and heat treatment of die materials play a crucial role
        At present, most carbon steel die steels are widely used because of their low price, convenient use and certain mechanical properties. In addition to plastic die steel, it also includes pre hardened plastic die steel and other die steel. There are many kinds of die steel. At present, there are pre hardened plastic die steel, carburized plastic die steel and age hardening plastic die steel in common use. Hardened plastic die steel is the hardness rule applied when processing steel. This kind of steel has excellent cutting performance and can be machined directly in the mold cavity. It is generally used for the processing of a large number of plastic products, such as mirror mold, and the hardness is calculated by 32~40hrc.
        The quality of injection molded products is good, and the surface roughness of the mold cavity is required to be small. If the surface roughness of the injection cavity is required to be less than ra0.1-0.25, and the optical surface is required to be less than ra0.01nm, the cavity needs to be polished to reduce the surface roughness. Therefore, the selected steel requires less impurities, uniform arrangement, no fiber orientation, and no pitting or orange peel defects during polishing.
        The shape of parts in injection mold is often very complex, and it is difficult to reprocess after quenching. Therefore, materials with good thermal stability should be selected as far as possible. After plastic mold forming and heat treatment, due to small linear expansion coefficient, small heat treatment deformation, small standard change rate caused by temperature difference, stable metallographic arrangement and standard mold, processing can be reduced or stopped, and standard accuracy and surface plastic mold quality can be guaranteed. Roughness requirements.
        In addition, Jinan injection molding manufacturers remind that customized injection mold products are generally novel and good-looking. It is a unique product designed by customers according to their own needs. Then send the 3D image of the product to the injection mold factory for processing, and sign a confidentiality contract in the early stage. Ensure that the appearance and structure of the product will not leak.
        The above is the content to be explained today. I believe that after reading the description of this article, you can have a certain understanding of the product. I hope the above content can help you. In addition, if you want to learn more about our website, you can pay more attention to our website at www.sdlqmj com。

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