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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-06-23

        Now there are many mold manufacturers. If they want to stand out among such manufacturers, the injection molding process must be good. Otherwise, it is difficult to have repeat customers, which will affect the profitability of the manufacturers. So how to carry out injection molding? Let's take a look.
        Injection molding is an industry with a wide range of knowledge, strong technology and strong practicality. Plastic raw materials, toner, nozzle materials, molds, injection molding machines, peripheral equipment, fixtures, sprays, various accessories and packaging materials are required in the injection molding production process, which brings a lot of work to the management of the injection molding workshop Compared with other industries or departments, the requirements for managers at all levels in the injection molding workshop are higher.
        Injection molding production requires 24-hour continuous operation. Generally, it is double-sided, three knife shift or three shift system. Injection molding workshop has many jobs and complicated division of labor. Different positions have different skill requirements. In order to ensure the smooth production and operation of the injection workshop, it is necessary to manage the personnel, materials, equipment and tools involved in each link and each post, mainly including the operation and coordination management of the raw material room, scrap room, batching room, production site, post-processing area, tool room, semi-finished product area, office and other areas.
        Injection type:
        1. Rubber injection molding: rubber injection molding is a production method that directly injects rubber materials from the barrel into the mold for vulcanization. The advantages of rubber injection molding are: although it is an intermittent operation, the molding cycle is short, the production efficiency is high, the blank making process is cancelled, the labor intensity is small, and the product quality is excellent.
        2. Plastic injection molding: plastic injection molding is a method of plastic products. The molten plastic is injected into the mold of the plastic products through pressure, and the required plastic parts are obtained by cooling and forming. There are mechanical injection molding machines specially used for injection molding. The plastic commonly used today is polystyrene. The resulting shape is usually a post product that requires no further treatment before installation or use as an end product. Many details, such as bosses, ribs, and threads, can be formed in one injection molding operation.
        The above is the relevant content of the question answer. I hope it can help you. If you still have any questions about this problem, you are welcome to follow our website http://www.lasagnafarm.com And consult our staff, will serve you wholeheartedly.

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