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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-07-19

        Many people know that in the process of product injection molding, there are always various problems due to improper material or machine operation. Here are some common problems in the injection molding process.
        Is there any special structure and special requirements for the manufactured mold?
        For example, the requirements of the mold are?? Use a manipulator for assembly and disassembly. If this problem is not considered in the process of mold acceptance, it will certainly affect the installation and service life. This also shows that it is not enough to only pay attention to the mold, but also carefully consider a complete mold system. For example: cavity pressure sensor, core pulling device, special mold heating and cooling method, environmental cleanliness, vertical mold, multi-point injection mold, robot and pickup device, part handling method, etc.
        Is the raw material general plastic or engineering plastic?
        Generally speaking, generally speaking. The processing process of engineering plastics is complex, especially for inexperienced injection molding manufacturers. Special attention should be paid to the processing of glass fiber or nylon reinforced parts, which may require oil to heat the mold, so as to avoid damage to the mold cavity or core due to the migration of glass fiber on the surface of the parts Secondly, the wear resistance and tear resistance of drying equipment, screw, barrel, check ring and other parts should be improved.
        How to determine the quality and service life of mold maintenance?
        In terms of time, the service life of the mold is not a very important factor in the actual use of the mold, because in the use of the mold, we should first pay attention to various design modes of the mold, its manufacturing methods, various maintenance and other factors.
        Jinan injection molding manufacturers believe that a set of new molds manufactured to a lower standard usually use low-quality steel, without the marking of parting line and ejector guide position. The mold designed in this way is more difficult to be used for injection molding production and maintenance.
        Here are some common problems in injection molding processing. In fact, there are many problems that will affect the quality of injection molding processing. Therefore, we suggest that you take precautions in advance and pay attention to our website http://www.lasagnafarm.com See how to prevent.

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