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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2021-09-30

        Jinan injection molding manufacturer explained to you the cause analysis of too many burrs of injection molding products. Most burrs occur on the parting surface, that is, between the moving die and the static die, the sliding part of the slider, the gap of the insert, the hole of the ejector, etc. the melt flows into the molten material, and redundant flash is formed on the parts.
        Such burr will act as a lever in the molding process and further increase the burr, which will lead to local depression of the die, and the burr will enter an increasing vicious circle in the injection molding process. Therefore, if burrs are found at the beginning, the die must be trimmed as soon as possible.
        There are several reasons for the failure:
        1. The clamping force is insufficient for injection molding
        Compared with the projected area of molded parts, if the clamping force is small, there will be a gap between the moving die and the static die due to the injection pressure, which will inevitably produce burrs. Especially when the side gate is placed on the hole close to the center of the part, it is very easy to produce burrs because this molding gate requires large injection pressure.
        This defect can be eliminated by reducing the injection pressure or increasing the clamping force. It is sometimes very effective to switch to low-pressure forming with good fluidity according to specific conditions.
        2. Caused by deformation of injection mold
        If the original degree of the mold is insufficient, it will be offset due to the injection pressure. If there is a hole near the center, burrs will be generated around the hole. When the center hole is used to open the side door, the periphery of the hole and runner will also be generated. skin needling. The burr caused by this reason is caused by poor mold manufacturing, so it is difficult to repair. Strengthening the mold can reduce burrs.
        3. The fluidity of plastics is too good
        It's just that the fluidity of plastic is too good. In theory, it's not the cause of burr. However, when the fluidity of the plastic is too good, even a small gap may be penetrated by the plastic, so burrs are easy to appear. In order to eliminate such burrs, the melting temperature or injection pressure can be reduced, and the mold temperature or injection speed can also be reduced.
        4 excessive injection of molten material during injection molding
        This is not the direct cause of the failure. In order to prevent shrinkage, it is wrong to inject too much molten material. It is necessary to increase the injection time or holding time of the molding (see shrinkage).
        5. There are foreign matters on the surface of the injection mold
        There are foreign matters on the clamping surface of the die, which will inevitably produce burrs. In order to solve this problem, it is obviously necessary to clean the surface of the die to close the clamping surface.
        The above is the article shared by Jinan injection molding manufacturer. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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