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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2021-10-20

        When it comes to tire bulging, this is also a common problem of tires. It is difficult to explain. Some car owners respond to the car maintenance master. Why do tires always have bulging problems? This problem not only puzzles the car owner, but also puzzles the tire owner. I don't know if you have studied this problem. Today, I'll discuss this problem with Jinan BMW master!
        The causes of tire bulge are mainly divided into the following three points!
        1. Manufacturing reasons: the density of carcass cord cloth and cord is negligent and uneven, and the overlapping of sidewall cord is poor
        2. Installation reason: the cord at the bottom of tread is scratched.
        3. Use reason: scratch, bump, stab pad and scratch.
        If your tire has a bulge, be sure to see what the bulge is. Let's take a look at the identification method of tire bulge.
        Bulge identification method
        Tire bulging is very common. Experienced masters can carry out accurate identification through eye observation and hand touch without the help of equipment.
        The main to identify tire bulge is to see whether there are scars on the inner and outer sides of tire bulge:
        1. If there are scars on the inner side, look at the bulging part of the tire. There is a scratch on the cord at the bottom of the bead, which is due to the bulging of the tire caused by poor tire installation.
        If there are scars on the inner and outer sides of the tire, trauma, cord fracture and dent in the tire, such tire bulge is caused by improper use by the owner.
        2. If there are no scars on the inner and outer sides of the tire, in this case, the owner can push the tire with equal radius in the circumferential direction and press the tire body with his hand to move left and right, such as the following operations.
        After operation, if you feel that the thickness of the tire bulge is slightly thin or the strength is slightly weak, such tire bulge is due to poor production. If there is no obvious difference in strength at the place where the tire bulge is felt, such a tire bulge is the permanent deformation after the tire cord is impacted.
        Everyone can identify their own tires because of the bulge. If it is caused by man-made tires, the merchant will not settle the claim.

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