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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2021-11-11

        Stamping die basically does two things for metal plate. One thing is cutting, including all the actions to separate the plate, such as blanking, punching and trimming. Another thing is deformation, that is to change the shape of the plate, including all stamping actions that do not separate the plate and only change the shape, such as drawing, bending and bulging.
        沖壓成形模具的表面處理很重要,因為沖壓件只跟模具的表面打交道。理想的金屬板材成形模具的表面,必須是。光, 即比較高的光潔度,(幾微米,關鍵的地方小于1微米?;?, 即比較低的摩擦系數, (最好小于0。
        The surface treatment of stamping forming die is very important because stamping parts only deal with the surface of die. The surface of the ideal sheet metal forming die must be. Light, i.e. relatively high finish, (a few microns, less than 1 micron in key places). Slip, i.e. relatively low friction coefficient, (preferably less than 0).
        。堅,即有較深的,硬度比較高的近表面層, (距表面至少1mm內,硬度不能太低。硬,即模具的表面要有很高的表面硬度, (大于如果模具表面比較光滑,比如鍍硬鉻以后,模具和板材在沖壓成形時相互摩擦,比較不容易產生的大量的微粉末。產生的微粉末, 也比較不容易滯留在模具表面上,有利于保持干凈的模具表面狀態。
        Hard, i.e. there is a deep near surface layer with high hardness (the hardness shall not be too low within 1mm from the surface). Hard, i.e. the surface of the die shall have high surface hardness, (larger than if the die surface is relatively smooth, for example, after hard chromium plating, the die and plate rub against each other during stamping, which is less likely to produce a large amount of micro powder. The generated micro powder is also less likely to remain on the die surface, which is conducive to maintaining a clean die surface.
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