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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2021-11-30

        Whether the plastic products of injection mold conform to the principle of injection molding is analyzed and studied, including the necessary discussion on the geometric shape, dimensional accuracy and appearance requirements of the products, etc. , try to avoid things that are not needed in die making.
        Jinan injection molding, in addition to good processing equipment and skilled mold workers, there is a very important factor is to have a good mold design, especially for complex mold, mold design of the pros and cons account for more than 80% . An excellent mold design is: to meet the requirements of the premise of the guests, low processing costs, processing difficulties, processing time is short.
        Must have the injection molding machine, the mold structure, the processing craft and the mold itself processing ability. In order to improve the mould design level, the following measures should be taken:
        Understand the details of each mold design, understand the purpose of each mold. 
        In the design of more reference to the previous similar design, and die processing and product production have an understanding, learn from the experience.
        Know more about the working process of injection molding machine to deepen the relationship between mold and injection molding machine.
        Go to the factory to understand the processing technology, understand the characteristics and limitations of each processing method. 
        Understand the test results and mold modification of their own design mold, draw lessons.
        In the design, try to use a more successful mold structure. Kill. Learn more about the impact of mold water intake on the product.
        Learn more about the impact of mold water intake on the product.
        It is only 70% ~ 80% of the whole manufacturing process from the beginning of injection molding to the end of assembly in Jinan. Due to the error caused by the inconsistency between the pre-shrinkage and the actual shrinkage, the demoulding process is carried out smoothly, and the cooling effect, especially the influence of gate size, position and shape on the precision and appearance of the product, must be tested by the trial die. Therefore, die test is to check whether the mold is qualified and the selection of the best molding process is an essential step.

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