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    來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-03-24

      demoulding pressure: in principle, it should be greater than the total pressure of plastic shot into the mold, with no burr as the benchmark.
      Pressure and speed have some of the same relationship in the role of the mold. The goal is to get the material into the mold evenly and thoroughly, and fill every corner with the right amount. If it is too low, it will cause short shots and shrinkage. If it is too high, burrs, supersaturation, sticky molds, burning, brittle molds, and high internal stresses may occur.
      speed: the speed of the speed determines the raw material in the mold runner and finished products, such as burr, susaturation, coke, short shot, shrinkage, poor bonding, easy to damage and so on.
      temperature: different raw materials, different temperatures, solution color is too low, the internal stress of the finished product increases. If the temperature is too low and the pressure is too high, the screw may break. Temperature is too high, the product has burr, cooling produces temperature difference, resulting in contraction. The raw material is easy to decompose, turn yellow, discolor, fracture. Cooling time becomes longer, the gas is not easy to discharge, there will be gas.
      back pressure: the resistance of the screw back when rotating the feed is called back pressure. Its function is to make the material in transportation and compression tighter. Air and moisture of the raw material can be discharged from the back of the screw. The sol does not contain gas components that affect the surface of the finished product. There will be bubbles in the lower layers and a silvery surface. High will overheat, agglomerate, glue overflow, long cycle, screw does not retreat. At the same time, the application of loosening is very important: when the back pressure is low, some materials need to be loosened, and some do not need to be loosened (over the back pressure, different properties are adjusted according to the material). When the back pressure is high, be sure to use loose back, pay attention to the distance between air and rubber overflow.
       mold temperature and cooling time will affect the finished product's sticking mold, shrinkage, dimensional tolerance, surface brightness, cycle, etc., should be adjusted in time according to the actual situation. In addition, acrylic, PC and other finished products, meat thickness must have mold temperature, so as not to produce bubbles and stress.

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