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    來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-04-02

      Ji 'nan injection molding after the need for mold testing, the main role is to test the mold processing can meet the requirements of plastic products. Then let's talk about the steps of mold testing and matters needing attention.
      Ji 'nan injection molding process of mold testing steps
      Patience is required to adjust and control various processing conditions to avoid unnecessary time waste and the trouble of mass production, develop standard mold testing procedures, and find out the temperature and pressure conditions to establish routine work. Clean the barrel to prevent the injection of degraded rubber or other materials into the mold, as degraded rubber and other materials may clog the mold, and check that the barrel and mold are at the right temperature for processing the material.
      Especially when some finished products of the mold cavity are not completely solidified, we should carefully consider before adjusting various control conditions, because the filling rate does not change much, it may cause the filling change, and wait patiently for the machine and the mold to be stable. This time can be used to check for possible problems with the finished product.
      When the mold is heated, the advance time of the screw should be appropriately extended to compacted the finished product. After successful commissioning, stable operation for at least half an hour, then continuous production of at least a dozen full-size products, date and quantity, test the stability of their actual operation, separate placement according to the cavity, obtain reasonable control tolerances, measure and record the important dimensions of continuous samples.
      Ji 'nan injection molding processing of the note
      In order to stabilize melt temperature and hydraulic oil temperature for longer processing time, machine conditions are adjusted according to all oversize or undersize finished products. If the shrinkage rate is too large, the finished product looks inadequate, you can also refer to increase the gate size. If the cavity size is too large or too small, correct it, if the cavity size is still correct, try changing machine conditions, check if some cavities fill slowly, adjust the filling rate and mold temperature to improve its uniformity. Check and correct malfunctions of injection molding machines, even perfect molds do not work properly on poorly maintained machines, check for improvement of corrected samples, keep one set of samples after checking all recorded values.
      After reading the above we explain the content, I do not know if it is helpful to you? Of course, if you want to know more about this content, you can consult here http://www.lasagnafarm.com.

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