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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-04-11

          Charring refers to the phenomenon that the air in the mold cannot be discharged due to poor exhaust or injection too fast in the process of injection molding, and the air will heat up rapidly under the instant high pressure, and the melt will be burnt yellow and charred in some positions. So how to solve it?
          Too fast terminal injection speed: lower the injection speed of the lower first stage.
          Poor exhaust mold: increase or open exhaust groove (vacuum injection molding).
          Injection pressure is too high: reduce the injection pressure (can reduce the compression degree).
          The temperature of the melt is too high (viscosity is reduced) : the temperature of the melt is reduced and its fluidity is reduced.
          Gate too small or improperly positioned: change the gate or change its position (change the exhaust).
          Poor thermal stability of plastic materials (easy to decompose) : switch to plastic with better thermal stability.
          When the melt is injected into the cavity with large volume at high speed and high pressure, it is easy to produce the phenomenon of melt rupture. At this time, transverse fracture occurs on the surface of the melt, and the fracture area is coarsely mixed in the surface of the plastic parts to form paste spots. Especially when a small amount of melt is directly injected into the cavity which is easy to be too large, the melt rupture will be more serious and the paste spot will be bigger.
          Ji 'nan injection molding conditions caused by improper control of burning in general, laminar flow formed the surface of the plastic parts is bright and smooth, turbulent flow conditions formed under the plastic parts are not only easy to appear on the surface of the paste spot, but also easy to produce pores in the plastic parts. Therefore, the injection speed should not be too high, and the flow material should be controlled in the laminar flow state. If the temperature of the melt is too high, it is easy to cause the decomposition and coking of the melt, resulting in paste spots on the surface of the plastic parts.
          Ji 'nan injection molding process in the burning problem to the end of this explanation, if you have other problems to understand, you can come to our website www.lasagnafarm.com consultation!

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