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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-05-12

        In the injection molding process, if colored products are produced, sometimes the injection molded parts are not colored or the color is uneven. What's the reason? How to solve it?
        The quality of colorant does not meet the use requirements
        If the thermal stability of colorant or additive is poor, it is easy to decompose in the barrel, resulting in discoloration of plastic parts. In addition, the colorant is easy to float in the air and deposit in the hopper and other parts, polluting the injection molding machine and mold, resulting in uneven surface color of plastic parts.
        Therefore, when selecting colorants, they should be carefully selected according to the process conditions and the color requirements of plastic parts, especially the more important indexes such as heat-resistant temperature and dispersion characteristics, which must meet the process requirements, and the wet mixing method should be adopted.
        Improper forming conditions
        Color unevenness is often reflected in different phenomena, and its causes are also different. If the color near the feed inlet or the welding part is uneven, it is generally caused by uneven distribution of colorant or the performance of colorant does not meet the use requirements.
        In order to prevent the molten material from staying in the high-temperature barrel for too long, resulting in overheating and decomposition, the injection volume shall not exceed two-thirds of the injection volume of the injection molding machine. When there is coking melt accumulation at the barrel or nozzle, thoroughly clean the barrel, remove the nozzle for cleaning, check whether the nozzle head is aligned with the sprue sleeve, and appropriately reduce the nozzle temperature.\
        Mold problem
        Jinan injection molding reminds that if the oil, release agent or dirt generated by the friction between the ejector pin and the pin hole in the mold is mixed into the melt, the mold exhaust is poor and the cooling of the mold is uneven, which will lead to the discoloration of the surface of the plastic part. Therefore, the cavity should be kept clean before injection. In order to reduce the influence of bad exhaust, the mold locking force can be appropriately reduced, or the gate can be relocated and the exhaust hole can be set at the filling place.
        After explaining the solution of color instability in injection molding, if you have any ideas, you can come to the website at www.lasagnafarm.com at any time Com share.

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