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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-05-30

        Generally speaking, to judge whether a product can be opened for injection molding, the following ideas should be followed: product appearance and requirements → structure → glue opening → demoulding. Why? The following analysis.
        Taking a product as an example, in the whole design process, the change of thinking caused by various factors leads to the change of mold design results. After we get this product, let's take a look at its main information. In the picture, the red circles are all upside down. The products are decorative strips and appearance parts. The appearance shall not be damaged except for the mold structure.
        There are many small recoveries in this part of products, and the demoulding direction is the same. Therefore, please consider on the slider. The small side holes on the left and right sides are undercut, and the two side parting surfaces shown in the draft analysis are just on the appearance surface. To ensure aesthetics, the left and right sides shall regard the whole surface as an integral slider.
        The parting cannot be consistent with the position shown in the draft analysis. It should be wrapped to the bottom of the product. The reason why it is included here is that if the mold production time is long, the mold is worn, or the mold is not well matched. The position of the parting surface is easy to produce burrs, so we move the product parting to the inside. If there is burr here, it will not affect the quality of the whole product. It is an invisible position.
        There are two good places to choose the gate of this product, as shown by the arrow in the figure below. If it is made inside, because the middle position is not inverted, it can be used as a submerged gate or a horn gate without increasing the difficulty of the mold. Moreover, making the inner side can greatly reduce the eccentricity of the die. Therefore, the gate should be properly selected inside.
        Shandong mold manufacturers believe that a sloping roof can be made here to leave more space. It is a reasonable choice to add a set of thimble plates to the front die. In order to ensure that the mold can be fully activated during mold opening, so that the force point does not act on the oblique elastic I-shaped, I added elastic glue at the bottom of the front mold ejection plate, which makes the spring failure or hook clearance worrying. Prohibition of restrictions can reduce the risk and meet the mold requirements we need.
        A part of the front mold lifter is located under the two outer sliding blocks. If the left and right large sliders are used as the rear mold sliders, the front mold lifter and the rear mold sliders will shift in the mold opening direction. After the mold is fully opened, the lifter stays in the front mold and is separated from the rear mold. When closing the mold, the inclined top of the front mold must be synchronized with the parting surface, otherwise it will hit the mold.
        Therefore, the overall large sliding blocks on both sides of the product must be made into the front mold inclined spring or inclined top to ensure synchronization. The oblique shells on the left and right sides have become inclined roofs, but they are not completely inclined roofs. They are pulled by hooks. The top of the tilting bomb is equipped with a spring.
        Every time you get a new product, you should follow this idea. This should be an idea or mind map that a qualified mold designer should have. At this point, we have basically clarified our thinking. We will make springs on the left and right sides, and the inclined top of the front formwork in the middle. Therefore, whether the product can be injected into the mold or not should follow certain ideas, which will make the work much more smooth. You can pay attention to our website www.sdlqmj Com for more information!

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