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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-06-06

        When setting injection molding process parameters, the following process is generally followed, and the key points of setting are summarized in each step. Here are a few points to understand.
        Set the plasticizing temperature of the plastic
        (1) When the temperature is too low, the plastic may not melt completely or it may be difficult to flow.
        (2) If the melting temperature is too high, the plastic will explain.
        (3) Obtain accurate melting and forming temperatures from the plastic supplier.
        (4) There are three to five heating zones on the barrel. The temperature in the heating zone near the hopper is low, and then gradually increases. The heater at the nozzle needs to ensure the consistency of temperature.
        (5) The actual melting temperature is usually higher than the set value of the heater, mainly due to the influence of back pressure and friction heat caused by screw rotation.
        (6) The probe thermometer can measure the actual temperature of the solution.
        Set mold temperature
        (1) Obtain the recommended mold temperature from the plastic supplier.
        (2) Mold temperature can be measured by thermometer
        (3) The temperature of the coolant should be set 10-20 ° lower than the mold temperature.
        (4) If the mold temperature is 40-50 ° or higher, it is necessary to consider setting insulation board between mold processing and formwork in Jinan.
        (5) In order to improve the surface quality of parts, sometimes higher mold temperature is required.
        Set the injection focus of the screw
        (1) The injection end point is the position of the screw when switching from the filling stage to the pressure maintaining stage.
        (2) If the padding is insufficient, dents may appear on the product surface. Generally, the length of padding is set as 5-10mm.
        (3) Jinan injection mold manufacturer's experience shows that if the injection point is set to 2/3 of the filling cavity in this step, the damage of the injection machine and injection mold can be prevented.
        Here are three key points for setting process parameters during injection molding. You can refer to them. Of course, if you have other questions, please follow us at www.sdlqmj Www. 68mn!

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