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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-06-09

        Properly raise the barrel temperature to make the gas easy to escape, but the temperature of pc/abs plastic should not exceed 270 ℃ to prevent high-temperature decomposition and affect the performance of pc/abs plastic.
        During the injection molding process, the injection pressure and injection speed shall be properly reduced to allow sufficient time for the gas to be discharged. It should be noted that the injection pressure and the injection speed are interrelated, and the two cannot be changed at the same time during adjustment, because it is impossible to determine whether the cause of gas wrinkles is too high injection pressure or too high injection pressure.
        Injection speed during adjustment. The correct method is to select one of the parameters to adjust, and then look at its effect before deciding on the next step.
        By increasing the back pressure and the melt speed, the air wrapped in the raw material and the gas generated by the volatile phase of the raw material can be fully discharged from the rear section of the barrel.
        Improve mold exhaust. Ensure that all kinds of gas generated when the material is filled into the mold during the injection process can be discharged smoothly from the mold.
        The raw materials shall be fully dried. It is recommended to dry at 70 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ for at least 4 hours, and take moisture-proof measures (especially in rainy days) to prevent the influence of water vapor.
        Jinan injection molding manufacturers believe that they can do this to improve the quality of injection molding products. For example, they can develop a complete set of injection molding plastic mold production management system to realize the computer information management system of product data management, process data management, plan management and progress management of the mold in the production management process, including the formulation of mold production plan, mold design, process formulation Workshop task assignment, product inspection, warehouse management, etc. enable all-round tracking management of plastic mold manufacturing and related auxiliary information from plan formulation to completion and delivery.
        Organically organize and integrate the information of planning, design, processing technology, workshop production, human resources, etc., so as to effectively coordinate planning and production, effectively ensure the quality of plastic molds and deliver them on time.
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