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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-06-21

        The external and internal shapes of plastic parts are directly formed by the cavity and core. It is difficult to process these complex three-dimensional surfaces, especially the blind hole internal forming surface of the cavity. If the traditional processing method is adopted, it requires not only high technical level of workers, many auxiliary tools and tools, but also a long processing cycle.
        The roughness of the recording surface of the laser disk shall reach 0.02-0.01 of the level of mirror machining μ M this requires that the surface roughness of molds manufactured by Shandong mold manufacturers reach 0.01 μ M or less. Long life injection mold is necessary to improve efficiency and reduce cost. At present, the service life of injection mold generally requires more than 1million times.
        The precision injection mold should use the mold base with high rigidity, increase the thickness of the template, and increase the support column or conical positioning element to prevent the deformation of the mold under pressure. Sometimes the internal pressure can reach 100MPa.
        Ejection device is an important factor affecting product deformation and dimensional accuracy. Therefore, a good ejection point should be selected to ensure uniform demoulding everywhere. The structure of high-precision injection mold mostly adopts inlay or full assembly structure, which requires the processing accuracy and interchangeability of mold parts to be greatly improved.
        For injection molded parts, most of them form complete products with other parts, and in many cases, other parts have been completed, eagerly waiting for the supporting products of injection molded parts to be listed. Because of the high requirements for the shape or dimensional accuracy of products, and the different characteristics of resin materials, after the completion of mold manufacturing, it is necessary to repeatedly try and correct the mold, which makes the development and delivery time very tight.
        Shandong mold manufacturers remind you that mold manufacturing is not the end goal, but the end product design proposed by the user. Mold manufacturers design and manufacture molds according to the requirements of users. In most cases, the injection production of products is also in other manufacturers. In this way, the product design, mold design and manufacturing and product production are carried out in different places.
        The production batch of molds is small, which generally belongs to single piece production. However, molds need many standard parts, ranging from mold base to thimble. These can not and cannot be completed by only one manufacturer. Moreover, the manufacturing process is complex, and the use of ordinary equipment and CNC equipment is uneven.
        The above is the relevant content about the problem shared for you today. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more, you can contact us by phone or follow our website http://www.lasagnafarm.com 。

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