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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2021-10-07

        Manufacturers who have done plastic mold polishing know that they can't eat Xishi tofu in a hurry. The taboo to do mold polishing is to be eager for quick success and instant benefit. A mold polishing manufacturer with good technology understands that polishing is a process from shallow to deep. Today, Jinan injection mold processing factory will explain to you what the way of mold mirror polishing represents!
        Jinan injection mold processing factory
        Polishing must be carried out step by step. In the work, it is first necessary to apply the coarse to fine oilstone to carry out relative processing. After the previous step is completed, it will go step by step from coarse sandpaper to fine sandpaper, and then diamond smoke grinding paste of different models and specifications must be used to polish from coarse to fine.
        Mirror polishing also involves the use of special tools. At the time of rough machining, the polishing technical staff also had relative technical requirements for the strength of the use method of oilstone. The moving parts should be uniform and it is not easy to wipe groove marks. Sandpaper needs to be of high quality. Moreover, the polished wood is divided into cork and hardwood, Generally, hardwood is used for rough grinding, while cork needs to be used for polishing, and then combined with imported diamond grinding and polishing paste to achieve the effect of mirror.
        Mirror polishing has high regulations for the natural environment of mold mirror polishing. Many high-precision products need to reach the tenth level standard before mold mirror polishing can be carried out.

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