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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2021-10-20

        1. For all steel materials with length a and width b ≥ 200mm (except for wire cutting die core materials requiring subsequent quenching treatment), we are willing to order refined materials.
        (1) Fine material size: axbxh coarse material size: axbxh
        (2) When adding hard materials and ordering fine materials, the single side shall be increased by 0.75mm and the height shall be increased by 1mm.
        (3) Coarse materials are ordered uniformly for row level materials.
        (4) The coarse materials shall be uniformly ordered for material inserts, and multiple small inserts can be assembled to order a whole material, leaving appropriate line cutting position, and making appropriate line cutting arrangement diagram.
        2. The wear-resistant block shall comply with the essential design, the size shall be increased by 2mm on one side, and the coarse material shall be ordered.
        3. Multiple diameters less than Ф Round timber of 40mm (included) can be assembled to order long pieces. At the same time, add the lathe clamping size and sawing machine consumption size of 15mm to the total length. Single piece > Ф The order size of 40mm round timber is the design length plus 15mm, ф The round material below 110 (including) is so 5-ary, ф Above 120 (inclusive) in decimal system. The support head shall be ordered according to the essential size. It is required that the processing can be seen in white, and all round materials shall be ordered as coarse materials.
        4. Order size of wire cutting die material (a + 10x (B + 5) x (c + 5).
        (among them, 10 is the required size of wire cutting fashion clip, and a and B are the design size of parts.)
        5. For the subsequent die materials to be quenched, the order size is (a + 5) x (B + 5) x (H + 2)
        (among them, a, B and H are the design dimensions of parts, and 5mm is the deformation component of heat treatment.) it can also be determined according to the material, confirm the deformation, and increase the size appropriately, usually not less than 5mm
        6. The inclined top ordering method is the same as the wire cutting die material ordering size. If there are many inclined tops in a set of dies, the inclined tops with similar size and form can be ordered on one piece of material and properly arranged for wire cutting processing.
        Two. Mould frame
        1. The mold base shall be ordered in accordance with Longji guidelines. If the customer has specified, the order shall be in accordance with the customer's specified order.
        2. The opening dimension of formwork: for the Yamen with X and y below 300, and for the Yamen with X and Y above 301. The depth yamen usually follow the Longji standard, and the opening depth Yamen with X and Y above 50 is.
        3. The technical requirements and individual related methods shall be indicated in the mold opening block diagram.
        Three, mold accessories
        1. When DME, HASCO and Datong standard thimble and cylinder are selected, in addition to indicating the model on the purchase order, the page number of the designated thimble or cylinder location shall be copied out in the form of copy, marked in the form of tick, distributed as an attached page, and indicated as DME (Europe or North America) or HASCO (Europe) specification on the BOM.
        2. When non-standard cylinders are used, non-standard words shall be indicated on the ordering materials in addition to non-standard words, which shall be printed and distributed in the form of drawings.
        3. The slingshot shall be marked with the supplier and the color (usually blue Slingshot is more used); the model and supplier of the nozzle pull needle shall be marked; the pump nozzle is mostly processed by our factory, so it is only necessary to order round materials, indicate the size and attach drawings, without indicating the supplier.

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