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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2021-12-02

        Injection molding processing fixed assets investment, large-scale production, consumption of raw materials, high labor productivity, high value-added. Production Organization is a form of production organization with high labor efficiency, but 16 main dangerous areas should be paid attention to when working. 
         Because Jinan injection processing is in high strength, high speed, high temperature, high pressure, the injection mechanism are high pressure, high speed, high local temperature equipment.
        (1) feeding area: Do not place iron bars or other foreign objects in this area due to the rotation of the screw;
        (2) feeding pipe cover area: This area is the heating area of the raw material, which is extremely hot and has the risk of electric shock; 
        (3) nozzle Area: This area is the place where the raw material is shot out under high pressure, there is spatter risk;
        (4) Mold Area: This area is mold high-speed and high-voltage switch operation area, which is quite dangerous. In addition, the raw materials may be ejected from the clamping surface, requiring special care;
        (5) the supporting Die Area: With Strong Mechanical Movement, requiring Special Care;
        (6) the clamping mechanism: high-speed, Strong Mechanical Movement, requiring special care.
        (7) Mechanical Risk Factors;
        (8) thermal damage factors;
        (9) electrical damage factors;
        (10) hazardous substances;
         Injection molding production involves more peripheral equipment, auxiliary materials and tools. Facing the high-voltage mold locking, high-temperature, high-speed, high-voltage and other security risks of injection molding machines, molds and peripheral equipment, Liqiang is here to remind the staff, jinan Injection Molding Workshop Safety Production Management Work is not in place, each post staff’s safety production consciousness is low, a little bit of paralysis will be prone to human pressure injuries, Burns, bumps, metal scratches, fires and electric shock accidents.

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