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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-01-11

        1. Use more pure resin during injection molding
        In the injection molding of many plastics, especially in plastics such as polyvinyl chloride, styrene, polyvinyl acetate and acrylate, trace residual monomers will produce unpleasant smell. It is sufficient to use a resin with very difficult monomer residue to eliminate these odors. If you use an already tasteless resin, the effect will be very poor.
        2. Change additives in injection molding
        The tertiary amine catalyst used to produce polyurethane foam usually produces very faint odors. In addition, it also forms fog on the inner windows of cars. The way to solve this problem is to find substitutes for these amines. One measure is to use polyhydroxy compounds. The remaining hydroxyl compounds are not only components of polyurethane molecular chain, so they also have catalytic activity. Some polyhydroxy compounds can also replace half of the tertiary amine catalyst, so the resulting products emit less odor than that.
        Phenol stabilizer used in PVC extrusion or calendering is usually replaced by high odor zinc stabilizer. Due to its high odor and low atomization characteristics, heat stabilizer tin octanoate is also very common in automotive PVC. In products, vegetable extracted oils (such as erucic acid and oleic acid) have a much higher odor than amine lubricants (used in polyolefin and styrene food packaging). Materials) are made of animal extracted oils.
        3. Injection molding adsorbent
        If the polymer is filled with a small amount of zeolite (an aluminosilicate adsorbent), it will eliminate the peculiar smell of the material. Zeolite has a large number of discs, which can capture small gas molecules with odor. The molecular adsorbent has been successfully applied to polyolefin extrusion tubes, injection molding and extrusion blow molding containers, isolation packaging materials, extrusion packaging materials and seals. Molecular adsorption powder can also be added to plastics as a hygroscopic agent. In addition to water vapor, the water vapor will also contribute to the odor of plastic products.
        Thank you for reading. Source of this article: Jinan injection mold. For more content and questions, please click: http://www.lasagnafarm.com We will continue to work hard to provide you with services. Thank you for your support!

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