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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-03-18

        In production, many defects often appear on the surface of injection mold products, such as flash, lack of glue, shrinkage, temperature, whitening, bubbles, material hair and so on. To solve these problems, we must first know what causes them.
        How to solve the shrinkage on the surface of injection mold products in production? Shrinkage, also known as depression and shrinkage mark, refers to the uneven surface and shallow pits or pits produced in the injection mold products. The reasons for the shrinkage of injection mold products can be divided into two major problems.
        1.注塑模具問題 有可能是模具的澆口及流道截面積過小,如果是這樣就要擴大相應位置的截面積。也有可能是排氣不良,針對其問題,可以改善排氣系統。再有就是冷卻系統設計不合理,冷卻不均勻冷卻不足,可以改善冷卻系統。
        1. The problem of injection mold may be that the cross-sectional area of the gate and runner of the mold is too small. If so, it is necessary to expand the cross-sectional area of the corresponding position. There may also be poor exhaust. Aiming at the problem, the exhaust system can be improved. Another is the unreasonable design of the cooling system, uneven cooling and insufficient cooling, which can improve the cooling system.
        2. Adjustment of injection molding process. It is possible that the injection pressure is too low and the injection speed is too slow. You can appropriately increase the injection pressure and speed. Or the pressure holding time is too short, so the pressure holding time can be properly and reasonably controlled.
        In short, in case of shrinkage or other problems on the surface of injection mold products, we should first find out the causes, and then find out the corresponding solutions according to the causes.
        Liqiang mould( http://www.lasagnafarm.com )Now it has more than 47 precision microcomputer injection molding machines, with an annual production capacity of 5000 tons; It has six precision dust-free spraying production lines, which can provide customers with monochrome or chromatic spraying business of various colors, Jinan injection molding processing, surface treatment, screen missing printing and hot stamping services.

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