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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-04-04

          Today xiaobian for you to bring a related knowledge is how to determine the size of the injection mold gate section, I hope to let you know more about the injection mold, so that the future better use of work.
          According to the general practice of Shandong mold manufacturers, the section size of the gate should be small, not large. In the determination of gate size, should be smaller first, and then in the mold test process, according to the cavity filling situation for correction, especially for a mold with multiple cavities, through correction, each can fill the cavity evenly at the same time.
          In order to prevent deformation caused by stress, the gate should be generally thin. In order to prevent shrinkage marks, the gate should be thick; If the filling is insufficient, it should be wide and the length of the gate and runner should be short as the mold allows. Less twists and turns is better; The gate that affects the appearance of injection parts should be as small as possible: for products with large quality, large shape and large shrinkage rate, the gate should be as large as possible.
          The small gate can increase the flow rate of melt, increase the friction force of melt and raise the temperature of melt. Results The viscosity of melt decreased, which was beneficial to mold filling. However, because of the large resistance of the small gate and the large loss of injection pressure, it is not conducive to melt filling, especially for the thin structure of the far-shot part. Some products of the gate should not be too small, such as some thick wall products, in the process of injection to carry out more than two additional pressure, to meet the requirements of plastic products.
          In short, the form and section size of the gate will affect the deformation of the injection molded parts, and different shapes of the injection molded parts should use different gate shape and section size. So in use must pay more attention to it!

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