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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-04-12

          Shandong mold manufacturers why to try the mold? Shandong mold manufacturers often encounter new product development and old mold update, but in many cases, because of this reason, the operation is not good, so it is necessary to test and correct some problems in mold production through mold trial.
          Shandong mold manufacturers hope to produce molds that are "adaptable" (that is, forming parameters or process conditions wide). But in the production process, because the design consideration is not good or processing is not sufficient, often there will be some problems, such as too large size, local transition is not smooth, the structure is not suitable, leading to the casting or mold test is unqualified, and trial is a simple and direct method to find out the mold problem.
          In the process of mold testing, the tester can find a suitable set of process data, which can be used as the default value of machine parameters set during mass production, and adjust the process conditions of mold mass production based on the data set. Verify CAE aided design and improve the follow-up work efficiency of CAE analysis software is according to the real machine specifications, real alloy properties and real external environment, through computer simulation, will simulate the results of calculation.
          The mold designer revises the mold design according to the simulation; The analysis data can be directly input as the default value when the real machine tries the mold. Shandong mold manufacturer can check whether there is any deficiency in the analysis mold design. The shortcomings of the test module can be compared with the simulation results to provide a basis for the subsequent process parameter setting.
          The main purpose of shandong mold manufacturer's mold test is to find out the optimized process parameters and mold modification plan, even if the material, machine and other factors, can ensure the mold stable, uninterrupted mass production qualified. The Settings or environment have changed. Product, improve mold "adaptability", not just to get a few good trial samples.
          Shandong mold manufacturers why to try the mold? Content is the above explanation, you can really say that it is necessary to complete the production of the mold for testing, so as to produce good quality injection molding products with high utilization rate. For more information, please visit our website www.lasagnafarm.com.

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