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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-04-16

          In fact, there are many steps to be done in the process of injection molding products, such as the filling work of injection molding products. This is a very important step in the processing process, filling is divided into high speed filling and low speed filling two kinds, of course, choose high speed or low speed filling is to decide according to the product.
          Injection molding process of high speed filling shear rate, plastic shear thinning and viscosity reduction, reduce the overall flow resistance; The local viscous heating effect also reduces the thickness of the solidified layer, so the filling behavior often depends on the volume to be filled in the flow control stage. In other words, in the flow control stage, due to high-speed filling, the shear thinning effect of melt is usually large, while the cooling effect of thin wall is not obvious, so the velocity effect is mainly.
          Low speed filling of injection molding process, heat conduction control low speed filling, low shear rate, high local viscosity, flow resistance. Because the thermoplastic supplement speed is slow, the flow is slow, the heat conduction effect is more obvious, the heat is quickly taken away by the cold mold wall. Combined with less viscous heat, the curing layer is thicker, which further increases flow resistance at thinner walls.
          Jinan injection molding processing, the steps to a lot of time there will be a problem, such as insufficient filling phenomenon exists, this time can lead to injection molding products processing appear to be of poor quality, it tends to give injection molding processing factory causing economic losses, so injection operation personnel, need to know how to do when insufficient filling solution. Such as:
          When there is too much material stored at the end of the barrel, the screw will consume extra injection pressure during the injection process to compress and push the excess material stored in the barrel, thus greatly reducing the effective injection pressure cavity of plastic into the mold, making the product difficult to fill. At this time, the operator needs to think calmly about how to deal with it.
          How to fill the product when injection molding? This problem has been explained in the above, the operator should do a good job in the corresponding inspection work and related problems before this step, so as to greatly reduce the probability of product quality is not good. More content to the website www.lasagnafarm.com consultation!

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