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        來源:http://www.lasagnafarm.com/ 日期:2022-04-19

          Mold manufacturing will inevitably produce some related problems, such as the occurrence of longitudinal crack phenomenon, or caused a certain impact on the product, so we need to find the reason and then timely processing work, let's take a look at the related content of the problem.
          The drawing depth of the die is too large, swelling exceeds the limit, resulting in longitudinal cracks; In addition, in finishing, if the longitudinal or lateral bulge exceeds the limit, it will also cause rupture. In short, the immediate cause of the rupture is that it is consistent with a bulge overrun; Therefore, cracking beyond the deformation limit is a kind of too deep drawing in form, if the drawing is reduced, the forming conditions will become better.
          The fillet radius of the mold is too small, because it is bulging deformation, if the deformation limit of the material is exceeded, it will produce cracks; Therefore, reasonable research and development can not only prevent flange cracks, but also supplement materials. One of the ways to improve the material inflow condition is to increase the radius of mold fillet. Although adding RD can prevent cracks, the radius at this time is larger than the size in the drawing.
          Shandong mold manufacturer thinks that if cracks appear and flange part shines, it is because the blank holder force is too large. Therefore, when there is a risk of rupture, the BHF can be slightly reduced to observe changes in the product. Insufficient lubrication of die surface. As the blank holder force increases, the strength of the lubricating oil film should increase accordingly to minimize friction. If the billet is larger, the forming conditions will become worse and worse, therefore, it is necessary to reduce the blank to a very small limit, close to the bottom dead center, the billet should be over the bar, and then test pull.
          How does the longitudinal crack problem occur when the mold is made? The above is the relevant answers to the questions, I hope to give you a good answer, of course, if you need more content to help you understand the mold manufacturing, you can come to our website www.lasagnafarm.com for consultation!

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